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The Moroccan caftan: oriental clothing choices

Eastern Trend is your online caftan specialist. We offer a wide range of Moroccan caftan, fabrics, colors and details worked to offer you oriental dresses to choose from and very worked.

Our range of Moroccan caftans:

Caftans our online store has many models. Discover notament caftan "Sabrina" made of satin. Completely black and accompanied by a belt that goes beautifully with the caftan, it gives you a tailored look and sober, while respecting the traditional side of the caftan. In another development, the caftan "camilia" has 3/4 sleeves and comes in blue or pink color. The strapless silk gives it much speed and embroidery complete the working style of this high-end clothing. Feel free to visit the category dedicated to discover other types of Moroccan caftan in our range.

Description of the Moroccan caftan:

The Moroccan caftan has many variations. However, and in general, it is a long tunic which was first a vocation "traditional". Historically, the caftan of Morocco comes from northern Persia. He finally emerges from the evolution of weaving techniques and trends in fashions. This has become a rather popular oriental dress while remaining a garment of interest to designers.
The developments of Morocco's caftan:

In fact, the Moroccan caftan has evolved to decline in different forms. However concerve features that are its own and make it a real Moroccan caftan, different from other types of caftans or oriental dresses. It is distinguished from takchita as being a traditional dress, while takchita is more modern and lighter version.
Caractériques such Kaftan:

The Moroccan caftan is a long, loose clothing. Sleeves elbow length or long, it is made of quality materials, including textiles. Silk is also the preferred material for its manufacture. Morocco's caftan is worked by multiple embroidery and decorations giving it a character and a particular style.